09-12 September 2015, Marrakech, Morocco

The International Meeting on Materials for Electronic Applications IMMEA - 2015 is the regular meeting of the network "Mediterranean Electronic Materials - MeM".

This year NanoEmbrace is  organising 

FOCUS GROUP: Fabrication and Functionalization of Semiconductor Nanowires

Controlled synthesis of 1-Dimentional Nano-Structure (DNS), mass integration processes of 1DNSs, nanowires structure and growth, nanowires' applications, heterostructure formation in NWs, DNA templates nanowires.

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Invited speakers

Frank Glas France Joint modelling of the kinetics and statistics  of self-catalyzed nanowire growth

Peter Krogstrup, Danmark Semiconductor-superconductor nanowire epitaxy

George Cirlin, Russia III-V semiconductor nanowires on silicon

ESRs presentations

Abhishek Chandramohan  Large-scale fabrication of stamps bearing size-tuneable nano structures

Yury Berdnikov,  Growth regime of self-catalysed nanowires with narrowing radius distribution

Lin Tian,  Growth of SiNWs on flexible organic substrates

Andres Aldana,  DNA-Based Semiconductor Nanowires

Giacomo Priante, GaP/GaAs axial heterostructures in self-catalyzed nanowires

Jurij Grecenkov,  Modelling of growth of Au-catalysed In-Ga-As nanowires

Vladimir Neplokh, EBIC measurements of GaN nanowires on Si substrate

Adrian Diaz Alvarez, Scanning tuneling microscopy of core-shell GaAs/LT-GaAs Nanowires

Giorgio Tiburzi, Integration of nanowires in AFM probes


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