News: Summer school 2016

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27th June- 2nd  July 2016, St-Petersburg (Russia)
NanoEmbrace is co-organising 
International summer school and workshop "Nanostructures for Photonics"
as part of International Congress "Laser and Photonics 2016"
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Congratulations to NanoEmbrace ESRs for winning Best Poster Awards:

Giacomo Priante (Second place)  G. Priante, F. Glas, G. Patriarche, K. Pantzas, F. Oehler and J.-C. Harmand, LPN-CNRS, Marcoussis, France. Formation of (Al,Ga)As axial heterostructures  in self-catalyzed nanowires.


Lin Tian (Third place) L.Tian, L. di Mario, V. Zannier, D. Catone, S. Colonna, P. O’Keeffe, N. Zema, S. Rubini and F. Martelli,  IMM-CNR Rome, Italy. Ultra-fast carrier dynamics and optical properties of ZnSe nanowires grown on ITO-coated glass by molecular beam epitaxy.

Andres Rodriguez Aldana (Third place) A. Aldana, B. Horrocks, A. Houlton, Newcastle University. DNA-Based Semiconductor Nanowires.

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