News: ITN Training Workshop Paris 2016

Joint ITN Training Workshop

Université Paris Sud

20th-22th January 2016.

Institut d’Electronique Fondamentale,

Bât 220,

Université Paris Sud,

91405 Orsay

Access : RER station Bures-sur-Yvette

                 Working Program

Transferrable skills training

Leonid Chechurin.   Technology driven business: when a manager meets a physicist

Nicholas Widdowson. Intellectual property: protecting your rights and using published IP to inform your research

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Scientific training

Martin Foldyna.  Light absorption in nanowire arrays. Application to nanowire photovoltaics”

Christophe Delerue.  Numerical methods based on existing atomistic scale approaches

Yann-Michel Niquet. Electron structure, transport and optical properties calculations applied to semiconductor nanowires

Magnus Borgstrom. Nanowire photovoltaics.

Industrial training. Digital Surf Training on surface metrology software with practical exercises

François Blateyron.  Basics of surface metrology in order to understand and solve problems related to surface roughness, wear, texture, finish

Arnaud Viot.  Practical session to familiarise with Mountains, the surface imaging and metrology software designed by Digital Surf

Bruno Grandidier. Application of Mountains to nanowires

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Dissemination activities

Maria Tchernycheva. Laboratory Visit


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